Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the FAQ's for all FAES departments.

Graduate School

Does the FAES Graduate School offer degrees?

While FAES does not offer formal degrees, we do offer Certificates in 2 areas. The certification program in Technology Transfer enables students to transfer credits to University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Graduate School of Management and Technology. By completing only 21 more credits at UMUC, students can be awarded M.S. degrees in either: Management, Technology Management, Information Technology or Biotechnology Studies. A Certificate program in Public Health has also been recently introduced.

Is the FAES Graduate School accredited?

The FAES Graduate School operates under the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

How much is the tuition per credit?

Tuition is $145 per credit, and most of the classes are 2 and 3 credits.

Are credits transferable?

Credits are transferable, but we suggest you check with the university or college to make sure they will accept the credits before registering for FAES classes.

How do I register? Can I register online?

You can register by mail by the deadline date (in the catalog) or in person during our walk-in registration. Online registration is currently under development.

Are your courses only available to people who work at NIH?

The FAES courses are available to the public. You do not have to be employeed at the NIH.

Do you need transcripts to register for classes?

No, you do not need transcripts to register for classes.  Each course description list a prerequisite(s) required by the instructor(s). If you meet the prerequisite(s), you can register for the course.

Do you provide academic advice for prospective students?

The instructors are available by e-mail and telephone to answer questions you may have regarding the course description or prerequisite(s). Their contact information can be found in the back of the catalog.

Where are the classes held?

Most classes are on the main campus of the NIH, there are a few given at the NIH facility on Executive Boulevard.

How do I know where my class meets?

The tuition receipt that you receive after your registration is process will include the class location and time (bottom of receipt). The receipt will be mailed for mail registrants and in person for walk-in registrants.

Does FAES issue transcripts?

Yes. There is a $5 fee for each official transcript payable to FAES by check or cash. Credit cards will only be accepted for requests of 5 or more transcripts. Transcripts are process twice a week (early Monday and Friday mornings). Unofficial transcripts are available at no cost to the students and are done at the same time as official transcripts. A transcript request form can be found under "Graduate School" section on the FAES website.

How can I change my status?

There is a $3 fee for status change. If you paid for the class yourself, we would just need a brief note stating that you would like to change your status along with the fee.  If your institute paid for your class, you would have to get a letter signed by the AO on NIH stationery authorizing the status change along with the fee.

Health Insurance - Medical FAQ

Do I need a physical to enroll?

Yes, you do need a physical to work at the NIH but not to enroll for health insurance.

Where can I get my physical?

Physicals necessary for working at NIH are give in the Occupational Medical Services, Building 10, room C6306. Please contact OMS at (301) 496-4411 for more information.

I didn’t enroll within 30 days, can I enroll now?

Due to contractual agreement with CareFirst and FAES the answer is normally no. Members have their first 30 days of employment or a special enrollment reason. There is a 30 day deadline for new enrollment and for special enrollment reasons. Based on an individual circumstance, enrollment will be subject to approval by the FAES Insurance Manager and/or supervisor.

Can I have my ID number early?

You may have your ID number early only in an emergency situation. In case of an emergency, please email the FAES insurance office at or call us at  301-496-8063 and your ID number will be ready in about 48 business hours.

When and how can I add dependents?

You must report any change (e.g. marriage, birth of a baby, dependents arriving from a foreign country, adoption, loss of previous coverage) to FAES within 30 days of the event, and completed the required forms. If not reported within 30 days, then the change may be made at the next open season. FAES open season is held during the month of November with a January 1st effective date.

My family members just came to the US, how do I add them to my plan?

Once a member’s family enters the United States, he/she has 30 days to add them to his/her insurance plan. Fellows must obtain a new Election of Health Insurance form from their Administrative Officer. Members must then complete an Existing Member Change Form (obtained from FAES), and provide FAES with the family members’ passports.

Can I add my parents to my plan?

Parents may NOT be added to an insurance plan. Only dependents that meet the eligibility requirements of our Carefirst Contract. Please see the Benefits Guide for more information. 

How do I receive a refund for my prescription payment?

Once a member has obtained a Carefirst ID number, he/she may return to the pharmacy within 7 business days for a direct refund. The member must supply the pharmacy with his/her insurance ID and the receipt.