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Prospective Students

Information for prospective students

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Courses are open to all qualified persons, both government and non-government. 

The FAES Graduate School at NIH has an open-enrollment policy, provided students meet any applicable prerequisites as indicated in the course descriptions. When consent of the instructor is indicated as a required prerequisite, the instructor must be contacted in advance of registration. 

Students who do not have a clear financial record with FAES will not be permitted to register.

FAES does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin or veteran status, in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and other educational programs.

Enroll and Register

The fastest and easiest way to register for courses is through our online registration portal.

We also accept registration by email, fax 301-402-0174, or in person. If registering by submitting the Enrollment Form by email, fax, or in person, it is important to complete all required fields.

Enrollment Forms can be obtained by downloading the form here.

Fall 2018 registration deadline September 7, 2018
Fall 2018 late registration deadline September 28, 2018
Spring 2019 registration deadline February 1, 2018
Spring 2019 late registration deadline February 22, 2018


Mid-Term Start, Half-Semester or Shorter Courses

Generally, enrollments will be accepted until the first day of classes, without a late registration fee. To find out about registration and course drop deadlines for courses that start later in the term or run less than the full semester, please email us at

Course Levels

FAES Graduate School at NIH, as a continuing education school, offers courses at the following levels:

1 to 99 general adult education (may not be at undergraduate level)
100 to 199  lower-college level (Freshman/Sophomore)
200 to 299 upper-college level (Junior/Senior)
300 to 399 senior and graduate levels
400 to 499 graduate students and qualified seniors
500 to 600 graduate and/or professional level
600 to 700 Board Examination subspecialty courses


FAES is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing highly affordable and quality courses to the biomedical research community at the NIH and the general public. Therefore, payments for classes must be received in a timely manner.

Payment Made by Credit Card

All self-funded students must pay for the classes at the time of registration either through logging back into their account on the Student Portal OR by simply visiting our Payment Gateway to make a payment by credit card. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

FAES expects payment by the start date of classes from third-party sponsors, such as employers or administrative officers at NIH institutes. Please email us for permission to be kept in the class in case your institute needs time beyond the start date of the term to process the request for training funds. Third-party sponsors can make a payment with a credit card through our secure and convenient Payment Gateway. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. 

Students sponsored by their labs or employers should enroll in the course while waiting for the authorization of payment. Receiving institutional approval for payment does NOT constitute enrollment in FAES classes. 

Payment Made by Check or SF-182 Training Form

FAES also accepts payment by check or SF-182 U.S. Government Training Voucher. 

If paying by check, please be sure to first enroll in the course online. Check payments, together with an Enrollment Form, should be mailed to:

Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences
PO Box 62861
Baltimore, MD 21264-2861