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Registration, Records, and Course Policies

Registration and academic records policies

Welcome to the student records and registration page. The fastest and easiest way to enroll and/or register for courses is through our online registration portal.  Courses are open to all qualified persons, both government and non-government.  The current deadlines for registration are:

Fall 2020 Open Registration July 13 – October 23
Fall 2020 'Session A' Registration Deadline September 4
Fall 2020 'Session A' Late Registration Deadline* September 11
Fall 2020 'Session B' Registration Deadline October 23
Fall 2020 'Session B' Late Registration Deadline* October 30

If you have any questions about our policies regarding courses, grading, dropping classes, refunds, or obtaining transcripts, please examine the sections below.

Course Policies

Enrollment & Registration

Courses are open to all qualified persons, both government and non-government. 

The fastest and easiest way to register for courses is through our online registration portal.

We also accept registration by email or in person.

Students who do not have a clear financial record with FAES will not be permitted to register.

FAES does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin or veteran status, in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and other educational programs.

To find out about registration, late registration and course drop deadlines consult the current Academic Calendar or email us at

 Course hours and attendance

Online courses are delivered asynchronously therefore there is no set schedule to attend unless otherwise noted by faculty. Weekly assignment deadlines must be met by students taking the course for academic credit.
Most in-person classes are held between 4:30 PM and 8:30 PM. Enrolled students are expected to complete the entire course, and even unavoidable absences do not relieve them from being responsible for work assigned during their absence.

Students may not attend classes until they are officially registered for the class and paid the tuition and other applicable fees.

Grades Grades are due to be submitted within three weeks of the end of the semester or within three weeks of the last class, as applicable. Grades will be posted and available for students to view in the online student portal. Grades are assigned on the following scale:
A+ Excellent
B Good
C Adequate
D Minimum Passing
I Incomplete*
AUD Auditor
“I” indicates that the required coursework has not been completed. “I” may be changed to another grade if the student provides the instructor with a satisfactory explanation and arranges to complete the work within a reasonable time.
Credit vs. Audit. Status Change from Credit to Audit


One credit corresponds to 15 standard classroom hours. Students registered for credit must complete all coursework as required by the instructor.


An auditor must pay the same tuition and meet the same prerequisites as a credit student. S/he receives full privileges of class participation, if s/he chooses to exercise them. An auditor does not receive a grade or credit; s/he receives a grade of “AUD.”

Change From Credit to Audit

Students may request status change from credit to audit, or vice versa, provided the request is submitted in writing to the Academic Programs Office at and in accordance with the published timeline. Reporting a credit-audit change to the instructor does not constitute an official change. Students who have been sponsored by their workplace to take FAES courses must submit written approval from their Administrative Officers when requesting a change from credit to audit.

Dropping a Course & Course Cancellation

Students may drop courses themselves by logging into the Student Portal until the 2nd week of the semester (to ensure your refund is processed, please contact FAES). After the 2nd week no refund and no withdrawal will be granted. Reporting withdrawal from a course to the instructor is not considered official.

Courses cancelled by FAES

FAES reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases, students will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Further, FAES reserves the right to limit registration, cancel, terminate or postpone courses, to combine classes, and to require the withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason that FAES deems sufficient.

Refund & Payment Policies

General Information About Refunds

To obtain a refund, a course must be officially dropped by the refund deadline, as indicated in the Academic Calendar. Refund of tuition fees will be granted only in cases when the Graduate School is notified in writing and in accordance with the published academic year calendar for full-semester courses. For courses of shorter duration, please contact the FAES Academic Programs at

Refunds will be computed as of the date the written intent to drop is received in the Academic Programs Office. In no case will tuition be reduced or refunded because of lack of attendance at classes, or because students failed to consult with the instructor, in advance of registration, in cases when the course description indicates that students are to email the instructor for permission to enroll in the class.


A week before the start of course​ 100% tuition refund
During the 1st week​ 80% tuition refund
During the 2nd week​ 50% of tuition
After the 2nd week​ No refund and no withdrawal will be granted

Note: All refunds are subject to a $25 refund/withdrawal fee per course. Refunds will not be granted to students who do not have a clear financial record with FAES.

Textbook Refund Policy:
A full refund will be given for textbooks unopened and in original condition returned prior to one week from the first day of class. Textbooks purchased after the first week of class (but before the final week of class) must be returned within 2 business days of purchase. Textbooks purchased during the last week of classes or final exams are not returnable/refundable. Any textbooks returned via mail, will be at the customer’s expense.

Sponsored Students

Students whose courses have been paid for by their employers need to coordinate in advance with their administrative officers or HR departments to determine whether they are liable to pay the prorated portion of the tuition in cases when they wish to drop a course.

Students who have been recipients of a FAES scholarship will have the prorated tuition withheld when refunds are to be paid due to dropping a course.

Involuntary Withdrawals

Students are allowed to drop a course involuntarily for the following reasons (Note: Fees are non-refundable.):

  • Illness of student or immediate family member (child, parent, spouse, or member of household)
  • Death of student or immediate family member (see above).


Transfer of Credits FAES courses can be accepted in transfer by U.S. colleges or universities, although students should not assume this without checking with the admissions officers of the receiving institution. Students who wish to work for an undergraduate, graduate or higher degree should consult, in advance, with the institution from which they expect to receive a degree, and, if applicable, receive approval for any courses at the FAES Academic Programs that they plan to use toward their degree.
Requesting an Official Transcript

Click here to access our online transcript ordering service for all official transcripts requests. Transcripts are typically processed within 2-3 business days of receipt.

The cost for an electronic transcript is $10.00 per transcript.
The cost for a paper transcript is $10.00 per copy plus additional mailing fees.

Requesting an Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcript requests can be submitted online here. Academic records since Fall 2011 are also available for downloading in the Student Portal.

Unofficial transcripts are available at no cost.

Student Privacy

FAES Academic Programs protects each student’s education record following the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 of the federal government. FAES students have the following rights:

  • The right to inspect and review one’s own education records within 45 days of the day FAES receives a request for access.
  • The right to request to amend one’s own education records if a student believes they are inaccurate or misleading.
  • The right to limit the disclosure of personally identifiable information designated by FAES as directory information.