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Register for BioTech 18 Stem Cells course

The emergence of stem cells as important tools for biomedical research prompts this offering of a 5 day, lecture-lab training course on Stem Cells.

The lectures will cover importance, origin, and fate of diverse stem cells (hematopoietic, muscle, nerve, skin and embryonal) and the factors which control their differentiation. Special emphasis will be on isolation, identification, culture, and use of stem cells and their progeny.

Lecture and Laboratory Topics 
Bone Marrow Stem Cell Plasticity; Hematopoietic Stem Cells; Cell Lines as Models of as Stem Cells; Flow Cytometry and Stem Cell Isolation and Characterization; Murine Embryonic Stem Cells; Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Differentiation of Stem Cells into Bone; Isolation of Cells from Bone Marrow Collection; Histology Marrow vs. Peripheral Blood; Lever Stem Cells; Stem Cells in CNS; Differentiation of Hemotopoietic Cells; Stem Cell Transplantation: Re-engineering the Immune System; Regulatory Perspective Regarding Stem Cells and Gene Therapy.

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