Graduate School

FAES Graduate School at NIH

offers annually approximately 200 courses and workshops at both the graduate-and undergraduate-levels. At a limited cost, scientific and non-scientific courses are available in fields relevant to the broader biomedical research community, such as biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, biology, chemistry, genetics, imaging, immunology, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, public health, statistics, technology transfer, toxicology, alternative medicine, MCAT Review.

FAES is also dedicated to offering an enriching learning environment through a selection of general education courses, among others, GRE, English as a Second Language (ESL), bootcamp for university teaching, communication skills for scientists, modern languages (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese), Argentine tango, Tai Chi, and chamber music.

Researchers and scientists at all levels at NIH, and beyond, can further their professional goals through our Advanced Studies in technology transfer as well as in public health. FAES has partnered with John Hopkins University’s Center for Biotechnology as well as with University of Maryland University College Graduate School of Management and Technology to offer FAES Graduate School students a unique opportunity to transfer credits toward graduate programs. For details, please consult the Catalog of Courses.

Most classes are held in the evenings and are conveniently located in FAES’s new Academic Center in Building 10, NIH campus in Bethesda.

Courses are open to members of the NIH community, other federal employees, and the general public.

Tuition is $145 per credit. FAES courses and programs do not require a formal admission process. For Information regarding course registration, tuition, payment, dates and deadlines, please visit the Course Enrollment, Fees, and Policies section below.

The FAES Graduate School operates with the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission. FAES courses can be accepted in transfer at other colleges and universities. For specific information, always consult the transfer polices of the respective institution. 


under the auspices of FAES, offers biotechnology workshops throughout the calendar year. Bio-Trac workshops are lecture- and laboratory-based trainings of three to five days. Registration is on a rolling basis. For additional information and tuition rates, please visit the Bio-Trac Website.


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