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Academic Programs Payment Portal

Third-Party Payments

This secure payment portal can be used by third-party payers, such as Administrative Officers (AO) in government agencies, HR personnel or employers, to make a payment for a student registered for FAES Academic Programs Graduate Courses as well as Workshops.

Please be sure the student is registered for a program before submitting payment.  Students can register for a course through the FAES Academic Program's online Registration Portal.

Upon submission of payment, a confirmation email of all details will be sent to the email address of the third-party payer.

If you qualify for a discount it must be used at time of payment.

Enter the Transaction Basket number that appears in the Transaction Basket field on the student's invoice.
Enter the course or workshop code here (for example "BIOF 098"). You can find this code under "Course Enrollments" on the student's invoice or on the registration confirmation. You can enter multiple codes, separated by a comma, if you are paying for more than one course or workshop.
Total Fees for All Courses and Workshops (including technology and textbook fees).
Please enter your 2 digit month and 2 digit year - MMYY
Your Card Security Code, often on the back of your card.
Billing address must match cardholder address on file or payment will be rejected.
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