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Graduate School Payment Portal

FAES Graduate School Payment Portal

This secure payment portal can be used by third-party payers, such as Administrative Officers (AO) in government agencies, HR personnel or employers, to make a payment for a student registered for FAES Graduate School course(s) only. 

Please be sure the student is registered for a Graduate School course(s) before submitting payment.  Students can register for a course through the Graduate School's online Registration Portal or by emailing or calling (301) 496-7976.

Please do not make payments for BioTech workshops here.  Payments for BioTech should be made at the BioTech Payment Portal or by emailing

Upon submission of payment, a confirmation email of all details will be sent to the email address of the third-party payer.

Amount of Tuition Fee plus any Book and Late Fees to be charged. This total amount to be charged is automatically calculated based on what you entered in the tuition and book(s) fee fields above. Please be sure to enter the correct tuition fee and the book fee(s) separately in the tuition and book fields above. For course and book fees, click on the tuition and text book fee list HERE
Please enter your 2 digit month and 2 digit year - MMYY
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