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Plan Changes

Life changes require health coverage changes... we make it simple to get it done.

Changes to Coverage 

Open Enrollment
Once a year during open enrollment, subscribers can make changes to their coverage as needed in advance of the new plan year. Open Enrollment is usually held in September with a November 1st effective date.

Qualifying Life Event
A major qualifying life event may result in changes to your insurance coverage. We are here to help you make those changes quickly and effectively.

​You are responsible for completing the required form(s) to report any life event that would affect your coverage (e.g. marriage, loss of coverage, birth of a baby, adoption) to FAES within 30 days of the event. If not reported within 30 days, changes can only be made during the next Open Enrollment.

Renewal/Extension of Fellowship
Please provide FAES with the NIH Fellowship Activation Form to renew your health insurance. This can be obtained from your Administrative Officer. FAES requires pages 1, 2 and 3 of the 6 pages of the NIH Fellowship Activation Form. The form must be signed by your sponsor on page 1. The Fellow will need to sign page 1 and 3.

Termination of Coverage

All Fellows must provide a Fellowship Termination Notification to FAES when leaving the NIH or transitioning to a full-time employment position (FTE) with NIH. The form may be faxed to 301-480-3585 or emailed to Our continuation of coverage administrator, BRI will send follow-up information on how to continue health insurance coverage.

Continuation of Coverage
When any covered member loses health insurance coverage based on a termination of employment or the occurrence of other qualifying events, the member will be eligible to elect continuation of coverage. Once your termination of health insurance coverage is processed you will receive a continuation of coverage packet in the mail from our administrator, BRI. You will have 60 days to elect for continuation of coverage.  Once elected, your coverage is retroactive to the date you lost coverage. There will be no lapse in coverage. Please contact a FAES insurance representative for additional information on pricing regarding continuation of coverage.