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FAES Music and Cultural Programs

Music and cultural events enhance the NIH community and make it a better place to work

concert in the CRCFAES funds several musical performances at the NIH including an annual appearance by the full National Symphony Orchestra in Building 10 that brings together patients, staff, and visitors. Throughout the year, FAES sponsors Music in the Clinical Center with concerts by the Manchester String Quartet and the University of Maryland Jazz Combo.

FAES has also contributed resources to the notable NIH Philharmonia, an all-volunteer organization that brings together musical talent among NIH researchers and federal workers. 

FAES-funded musical events at NIH include

Manchester String Quartet Concert Series

Please contact Sharon Greenwell with questions by phone: (301) 496-4713, or email:

National Symphony Orchestra at NIH

FAES proudly sponsors the National Symphony Orchestra at the NIH as part of the NSO Sound Health initiative, which brings orchestral music to area hospitals and medical centers. These special performances gather patients, families, scientists, staff, and visitors within the world's premeier research hospital, the NIH Clinical Center. Seating is available on the 1st floor of the atrium, with additional viewing available on the 2nd-7th floors.

Concerts are presented free of charge.

University of Maryland Jazz Ensemble

A combination of guitar, piano, bass, and percussion creates Bossa Nova, Latin and Brazilian music as well as classic jazz pieces in the Atrium of Bldg. 10. Concerts are typically held monthly on Thursday afternoons at 12:30pm. Please check the FAES Upcoming Events for future performance dates.

Music flows in all our corridors, into patient wards, reaching those in beds who cannot come.

-CC Director, Dr. John Gallin