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FAES Academic Programs Staff Biographies

Rajeswari Mohan

Rajeswari Mohan is Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning at FAES. Rajeswari has had a teaching and designing background in Higher Education. Rajeswari hails from Palakkad, India, where she started her teaching career in English Literature in a Catholic College. For twenty-five years, Rajeswari taught Writing (both full-time and Adjunct) in the English Department at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. In 2005, she started teaching online. To promote and maintain the quality of Online delivery, Rajeswari became part of Quality Matters in 2010. Five of her writing courses have been Certified by Quality Matters. Rajeswari holds three QM Facilitator Roles as well as four QM Higher Education Roles as Master Reviewer, Continuing and Professional Education, and Publisher Reviewer. As a Master Program Reviewer, Rajeswari heads the Review of Institutional Curricula. She served as Instructional Design Coordinator at Notre Dame College, Ohio for two and a half years. After moving to Baltimore, Rajeswari worked as Instructional Designer at Advanced Academic Programs, Johns Hopkins University, for three and a half years before she accepted the FAES position as the Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning. Rajeswari is passionate about gardening and making fresh flower garlands.