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BIOF 083 | Linux for Biomedical Researchers

March 16, 2020 to March 18, 2020

Registration occurs on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for registration is one week before the first day of the course.  If you are unable to register before the deadline, please email: or call 301-496-7977 for space availability. 

NIH Only: Payment approval and authorization is done through your AO or lab manager. Receiving lab approval does not constitute enrollment. Fellows or those being sponsored by their lab can enroll using this form while waiting for authorization of payment.

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Contract: SF-182

The National Center For Biotechnology Information (NCBI) web portal is the alma mater for biomedical research data. NCBI hosts the popular data resources like PubMed, PubChem, GenBank, RefSeq, GEO, SRA and dozens of other important Biomedical Data resources that are in the forefront of human health research. Learning to efficiently use the NCBI resources would significantly help biomedical discovery.

This training will provide a hands-on experience, using examples that will highlight the use of different NCBI resources, for biomedical research. Participants will learn to use both browser based resources and programmatic resources. Basic and advanced usage of resources including Gene, Protein, Expression, Variation, Chemicals, Sequencing, Taxonomy, Literature, BLAST, SRA-Tools etc., would be covered.

Who should attend

  • Researchers and academics interested in learning to use the data resources, tools and standards available from NCBI
  • Clinicians, researchers and academics interested in using the NCBI data resources for standard references, basic research or for clinical discovery
  • Program administrators who are interested in getting a firsthand experience understanding the standard data sources and tools provided by the NIH/NLM/NCBI

Hands-on Skills/ Tools/ Techniques explored

  1. NCBI ALL database search
  2. Advanced NCBI search options
  3. NCBI Gene / GenBank
  4. Gene Expression Omnibus
  5. Sequence Read Archive
  6. ClinVar
  7. dbSNP
  8. Conserved Domain Database
  9. Taxonomy
  10. PubMed
  11. PubChem
  12. Retrieving Reference Genomes and Sequences
  13. BLAST tools and techniques
  14. Automating NCBI searches
  15. Programmatic Access to NCBI


  • Cloud-based linux environment
  • Training provided by active NIH researchers
  • Cookbook style bound manual for all exercises
  • Continuing Education Credits

New Refund Policy
100% tuition refund for registrations cancelled 14 or more days prior to the start of the workshop.
50% tuition refund for registrations cancelled between 4 to 13 days prior to the start of the workshop.
No refund will be issued for registrations cancelled 3 days or less prior to the start of the workshop.

All cancellations must be received in writing via email to Ms. Carline Coote at
Cancellations received after hours are time marked for the following day. 
All refund payments will be processed by the start of the initial workshop.

Suggested Lodging Accommodations
A special rate is available to all workshop attendees. This includes complimentary buffet breakfast, guest room Wi-Fi, and discounted $15 parking per night. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to/from the NIH campus. The hotel is also within walking distance of the training facility. Reservations can be made online, see below.  

The Bethesdan by Hilton

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