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Biology, Genetics, and Medicine

Biology, Genetics, and Medicine


Spring 2020 term courses:

BIOL101-O | Foundations in Biomedical Science I (7 weeks) - ONLINE

BIOL102-O | Foundations in Biomedical Science II (7 weeks) - ONLINE

BIOL254 | Non-Coding RNAs (miRNAs, lncRNAs, and circRNAs) and Exosomes: Biology and Diseases

BIOL350 | Foundations of Cellular Neuroscience

BIOL356 | Connective Tissue Biology

BIOL385 | The Biology of Aging 

GENE500 | Introduction to Medical Genetics II

GENE514 | Current Concepts in Clinical Molecular Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

MEDI234 | Precision Medicine (7 weeks)

MEDI303 | Physiological Mechanisms of Acupuncture (7 weeks)

MEDI309 | Introduction to Molecular Medicine

MEDI318 | Human Physiology II

MEDI 335 | Pathophysiology of Common Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Diseases (7 weeks)

MEDI339 | Introduction to Cancer Biology

MEDI 345-O | Human Anatomy - ONLINE

MEDI 501-O | NCATS Translational Science Case Study #1 - Supressing CancerMetastasis (7 weeks) - ONLINE

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