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Biology, Genetics, and Medicine

Biology, Genetics, and Medicine


Fall 2019 term courses:

BIOL101 | Foundations in Biomedical Science I (7 weeks) - ONLINE

BIOL102 | Foundations in Biomedical Science II (7 weeks) - ONLINE

BIOL222 | Genomics in Modern Society - ONLINE HYBRID

BIOL262 | Research Tools for Studying Diseases

BIOL325 | Human Neuroscience

BIOL356 | Connective Tissue Biology

BIOL425 | RNA Interference and CRISPR (7 weeks)

GENE500 | Introduction to Medical Genetics I

GENE505 | Embryology, Developmental Biology, and Human Malformations

GENE510 | Genetic Counseling: Professional Topics Seminar

MEDI275 | Fundamental Principles of Histology (7 weeks)

MEDI311 | Principles of Endocrinology

MEDI317 | Human Physiology I

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