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Board of Directors

FAES Board of Directors

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) is governed by a Board of Directors through the President, other officers, and a series of Committees. FAES members may vote in Board elections and are encouraged to participate in program management.

2019-2020 FAES Board of Directors
June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020

Susan F. Leitman, MD

Officer, President, Board Chair, and Health Insurance Committee Chair

Barbara Alving, MD, MACP

Officer, 1st Vice President, Vice Chair, and Education Committee Chair

Carol J. Thiele, PhD

Officer, 2nd Vice President, and Vice Chair

John "Ted" Ibex, CPA

Officer, Board Treasurer, and Audit Oversight Committee Member

Alan Schechter, MD

Officer, Board Secretary, and Bookstore Committee Chair

Angela Gronenborn, PhD

Ex-Officio Member and Past President


Candice Abate, JD


Ira Berkower, MD, PhD


Jennifer Catalano, PhD, MBA


Orna Cohen-Fix, PhD


Joshua Farber, MD

Director and Nominating Committee Member

Alan Goldhammer, PhD

Director and Health Insurance Committee Member

Alisa M. Goldstein, PhD


Marita Hopmann, PhD

Director and Education Committee Member

Dennis Klinman, PhD

Director and Investment Committee Chair

Jeffrey Kopp, MD


Donald R. Mattison, MD


Gerald McLaughlin, PhD


Louis Mkanganwi, CPA, CA, EML

Director and Audit Oversight Committee Vice-Chair

Yoh-suke Mukoyama, PhD


Paul Randazzo, MD, PhD

Director and Education Committee Member

Karen Sibley, PhD

Director and Education Committee Member

Richard M. Siegel, MD, PhD

Director and Real Estate Advisor Group Chair

Margaret (Peggy) Thomas, RN, MS

Director and Insurance Committee Member


Kevin Klock, JD

Ex-Officio Member, FNIH Liaison, and Audit Oversight Committee Member

Sharon Milgram, PhD

Ex-Officio Member and NIH OITE Liaison

Richard Wyatt, MD

Ex-Officio Member and NIH OIR Liaison


Christina Farias, MBA

Ex-Officio Member and CEO/Executive Director

Nicole Luna, CPA

Ex-Officio Member and Controller/Director of Accounting and Finance

Constance Noguchi, PhD

Ex-Officio Member and Dean


Nancy Johnson, CPA

Ex-Officio Member and Audit Oversight Committee Chair

Larry Samelson, MD

Ex-Officio Member and Music Committee Chair


Delia Sass, MS

Ex-Officio Member and Predoc Fellows' Representative

Katherine Reding, PhD

Ex-Officio Member and Postdoc Fellows' Representative

Patrick Wright, PhD

Ex-Officio Member and Postdoc Fellows' Representative