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FAES Educational Webinar: What is the matter with the mind?

October 13, 2022


online, please register with Zoom

Join Us for a Free Educational Webinar: What is the matter with the mind? presented by FAES Faculty Member Dr. Sharif Kronemer.

From where does consciousness emerge? This question has been a topic of query for millennia. Early consensus of non-physical or immaterial sources of consciousness converted in recent centuries to pure material mediums, particularly the brain. This talk will explore the debate on the source of consciousness, share evidence that clued in earlier inquiries - long before modern neuroscience - that the brain was the seat of consciousness, and discuss whether a material mind suggests the possibility of an artificial consciousness. Dr. Sharif Kronemer studies consciousness and teaches neuroscience courses with FAES including BIOL 325, Human Neuroscience, available in the Fall 2022 Session B term. His course NEUR 305, The Neural Mechanisms of Consciousness was first offered in Summer 2022.

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