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Free Educational Webinar - Data Science All Around Us: An Overview of Next Generation Sequencing

May 25, 2022


Speaker: Sally Chang, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow at NHGRI, NIH

Dr. Chang will introduce the wide range of topics and techniques covered by the broad term “next generation sequencing”.  In particular, she hopes to demonstrate the relevance of sequencing techniques to a broad range of scientists, both in terms of societal relevance (think Covid-19 genomics and CRISPR) and potential relevance to your own research, even if it doesn’t currently involve sequencing. Further, you will be provided with a preview of the FAES offerings that will help you get up to speed on this important and quickly evolving field, no matter your experience level.  Specifically, Dr. Chang will walk you through her course development approach and class structure for BIOF521, an introductory sequence analysis course currently offered by FAES, and share insight she has gained about teaching bioinformatics to a diverse community of learners.