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The FAES 'Advanced Studies in Technology Transfer' Celebrates 100th Student Completing the Program

FAES is pleased to announce that 100 students have now completed the Advanced Studies in Technology Transfer.
This unique 15-credit open enrollment academic program, established in 2006, serves the needs of scientists or engineers who wish to gain expertise in patenting, licensing, collaborative agreements, and other fundamental intellectual property transactions and/or to provide additional business training to professionals already in the field. Students from this program have remained active in it over the years and often return as guest speakers or faculty to a variety of courses. Professional and career development has always been a primary focus of the program with students and faculty staying connected with each other through its 350 member LinkedIn group.
More information about the Advanced Studies in Technology Transfer can be found here: or by contacting the Chair of the Technology Transfer, Business and Industry Department, Steve Ferguson, at

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